Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Death Comes Quickly

We recently received the heartbreaking news that one of the DS’s on our field was killed in a car accident.  Rev Lepeli Mpusi was a wonderful man of God who was quick to smile and listen.  He was a hard working servant of God.  He was a loving son, husband, father, brother, pastor, mentor and friend.  He was traveling with the District Secretary of Lesotho Rev Lebina to the mountains of Lesotho to visit the churches there.  They were involved in a car accident and both passed away. 

Please join us in prayer for their families, for their churches and for the District as they deal with this unexpected and horrible loss. 

Death comes quickly and comes to everyone.  All of us will come to the end of our days.  It is rarely expected and never easy.  So today in honor of Rev Lepeli and Rev Lebina and all of us who have lost loved ones; Live like you are dying.  Because in reality you are.  So live life to the fullest.  Show and tell others what they mean to you.  Right any wrongs that you may have done.  Enjoy moments with your family and friends because when we are gone that is what will be remembered not whether or not the dishes were done.  Tell others you love them and that God loves them and that there is a hope beyond what this world has to offer. 

Remember Rev Lepeli and Rev Lebina families in this time.  Rev Lepeli leaves behind a wife and 4 children and Rev Lebina leaves behind his wife and three children.  Their  families, their churches, the district and the field are reeling from this unexpected loss.  Pray with us as we find a way forward. 

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