Tuesday, October 18, 2016


There is a lot of learning going on in the Heath household right now.
Peter has learned to walk and he is learning what things he can get into and what things cause a reaction from my mom and dad. 

His newest reaction causing activity is climbing on the coffee table.  He is still “learning” the meaning of the word No. 

Joe and I are taking Zulu lessons.  Every Wednesday and sometimes on Saturday’s Awande comes to our home for two hours.  She is very patient with us as we learn to pronounce words and make sounds that are not common to us.  We are learning clicks and sentence structure and verb stems.  Our house has all sorts of stickers, all of it reminding us of the Zulu word for Bathroom, door, wall, kitchen, etc.  We also have flash cards stacked here and there to try and learn more vocabulary. 
We are hopeful that our time in Swaziland will help us practice our Zulu skills.  SiSwati is the language spoken in Swaziland and it has many similarities to Zulu.  Whenever you are learning a language there are always things that stand out to you.  When you greet someone in Zulu (Sawbouna) you are saying I see you.  I like that.  I do not like however the word for the color blue it is 28 letters long (yes I counted) okuluhlazanjengesibhakabhaka.  You are literally saying the color green or blue the one that looks like the sky.  Needless to say I will not be saying blue very often (if ever).  Someone suggested I just always have something blue on so I can just point to it.  J

Learning is a good thing.  It is also a humbling thing.  Watching Peter learn to walk and explore is fun.  Teaching him boundaries is not as fun.  Learning a new language is a great skill but also takes a lot of brain power.  But we should never stop learning.  What are you learning this week?

Other Updates:  During our time in the states we were raising funds for a Field Bus.  We are happy to report that we found that right bus!  We also are happy to report that we have found a driver that will be a part of our team as well. 

November is going to be a busy month for our family.  For the first two weeks we will be with a W&W Team in Swaziland.  After we drop the team off at the airport we will spend a day at home and then head to Lesotho for a couple of days.  After Lesotho we will take a week of vacation and then we will go to the Eastern Cape for an assembly.  We will be busy but we know that God is going to do great things during this time and we are looking forward to telling you about it. 

Until next time: Once you show your toddler something once chances are good he is going to remember it…that is unless you want him to and then he won’t J