Monday, April 25, 2016

Home Assignment Three Weeks In

We have had the privilege over the three weeks to be traveling and sharing the story of what God is doing on the Africa South Field. 

We have traveled close to  3,500 Miles/ 5,600 Kilometers, Peter has spent over 45 hours in his car seat, we have spoken at 7 churches, 1 home group, attended one pastor and spouses retreat, we have stayed in 6 homes, 1 hotel, 1 retreat center and 1 Nazarene Camp. We have driven through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.  We have been able to see old friends, and family and make some new friends.  We have shared the story of what God is doing on the Africa South Field and we have heard the story of what God is doing in the lives and ministries of our friends and partners.  God has protected, provided and sustained us and for that we are grateful, thankful and we are blessed. 

Peter is doing awesome.  His first cold turned into his first ear infection but other than that he has been our happy healthy baby boy, a baby boy who is crawling quickly toward being a toddler.  He is over 10 months old now.  He will stand for hours on end if we would let him.  He is now walking along furniture and as long as he has our hands or his hands on the next piece of furniture he will transition from one piece to the next.  He is eating more and more solid foods.  He loves his fruits and veggies.  And he is getting pretty good at feeding himself.  He loves to “talk/babble.”  He has been enjoying the baby swings in the various parks we have found nearby where we are staying. 
The next few weeks we will be spending some time in Michigan and we will be spending two weeks traveling in Wisconsin before heading to Indiana.  We are attempting to eat at a restaurant that starts with every letter of the alphabet during our travels.  Not real sure if we are going to get to cross the letter X off the list but we will have fun trying. 

Until Next Time Remember- You can only take it with you when you go if it actually makes it into the van…We have been leaving things behind throughout our travels….mostly Peter’s stuff.  We can’t seem to get him to keep up with his stuff yet (J) `