Monday, August 31, 2015


There is new sheriff in town in the Heath household.  He has only been around for 11 weeks but he has changed our lives.  Parenthood has got us marching to the beat of a different drummer.   But we love learning this new rhythm.  It is not always fun or easy, sometimes quite honestly it is overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting.  But there are other times when it is beautiful, heart warming, and amazing. 

Peter started out in life a little small but just yesterday I spotted a cute little fat roll.  Also at what point do fat rolls go from being so cute to being…well not so cute. 

Here are a few ways that our little man has changed our lives. 

We are now in bed by 9 o’clock unless the little man decides he doesn’t want to sleep after his 9 o’clock feed.  If that happens then one of us is trying to convince that he does in fact wants to sleep.

We are learning a new language…Peter-ize.  We have not yet found a Peter-ize to English dictionary but we are having fun figuring it out as we go.  We know we are doing something right when he talks to us and we talk back and he rewards with us a big smile. 

We get excited about things like burps and coos and smiles. 

We keep track of things like how much ate and when was the last time he….”processed”…said food. 

We used to be able to go on a 1-3 day trip with one bag for the both of us.  Now with the addition of mini-us we need to bring a pack-n-play, a diaper bag, a car seat, several wardrobe changes, blankets, pacifiers and back up pacifiers.  And we try to be minimalists when it comes to baby gear. 

Sometimes we make the mistake of going to the internet for advice on something.  Which usually leaves us more confused because no matter what we do we will either emotionally, physically, or psychologically scar our child beyond repair.   

Our life looks totally different than it did a short 11 weeks ago but we would not have it any other way.  We are learning to dance through life and learning these new rhythms and steps as we go.   We are also trying to learn a new rhythm when it comes to our ministries/jobs.  Each week will look a little different based on what is happening that week.  Over the next few months we will be with several different W&W teams, preparing for and attending District Assemblies, being a part of several trainings, a camp, and doing several site visits for upcoming W&W teams.  Our little man will log in a lot of miles/kilometers in his car seat.  So far thankfully he is a pretty good traveler.     
Hopefully our next blog post won’t take 2-3 months to write.  However sometimes our little one doesn’t like the rhythm of sitting so much. 

Until next time: If you are changing a little boys diaper make sure you cover the…fire hose…or you and everything around you may or may not get sprayed J