Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Catch the wave `

I tried surfing once and I sort of caught one wave.  Needless to say by that sentence I am better at surfing the internet than actual surfing.  I am more of a boogie boarder or body surfer when I get a chance to be at the ocean (which is not enough.)

Since arriving in South Africa, Joe and I have been able to catch a different kind of wave.  This wave is the movement of God across South Africa, the Africa South Field and the Region of Africa.  People all over this country, field and region are responding to God’s leading to step outside their comfort zone and be a part of the Great Commission.  It is awesome to be a part of this wave.

This past Saturday we were at a team meeting for the Gauteng W&W trip and this Sunday the team will be at our house for a Braai (cookout).   This team is lead by a South African and made up of South Africans (except for the three of us.)  The money raised for the trip has come from the pockets, wallets and bank accounts of Nazarene South African Churches and people.   The team will be going about 4 hours away to a nearby District to work on their District Center.  We will be painting the inside of the center, as well as building a play area outside for the children of the community.  We will also be doing outreach for the children, youth and adults of the community.  This trip happens from December 12th-20th. 

The week before that December 5th-12th we will be with a team from a Nazarene church in Durban.  There is a group of about 30 young people and a few adults who want to be a part of what God is doing in Swaziland South.  The team has been working hard to raise funds for the trip.  The team will be helping with a camp that is happening for Pastor’s kids on the District.  The team will also be delivering food hampers filled with food they have been collecting for people of the communities in Swaziland South District. 

On this coming Saturday Joe and I will be leading a training on missions at a church here in Johannesburg.  We will be talking about how people can catch the wave of God that is moving. 

What wave are you riding?  God is moving and working all around us everywhere we turn, in all corners of the globe.  The question is, are prepared to catch it.  You don’t have to have an expensive surfboard or be a surfing expert you just have to be willing and available. 

Until next time:  Long hair and babies who are learning they can grab things are a very painful mix.  Below is a picture of our little hair grabber… it's a good thing he is cute to make up for his mom’s baldness/hair always in a ponytail.