Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Projects and preparing

These last couple of weeks have been filled with working on projects and preparing 

for our little guy’s arrival.   We have also been enjoying a week with not a whole lot 

going on in the evenings.  June will be a busy month with several W&W teams 

coming and going as well as a volunteer couple leaving.  

Last Thursday evening we attended our last baby class.  It is hard to believe that 6 weeks have 

flown by so quickly.  We are now able to count on one hand the number 

of weeks before “jelly bean’s” scheduled arrival.  We are as ready as two first time 

parents can be.  He has a place to sleep, diapers to wear, clothes to wear, blankets to 

stay warm under and some books to read (or have read to him.)  We have been 

praying for him since before we knew for sure he existed.  We have also been 

praying for each other as we transition to being not just husband and wife but also 


There are lots of exciting things happening on the field.  Follow this link to read a 

story of one the churches on our field.


We were actually traveling with Rev Mashangu Maluleka when we happened by the 

church in this story.  It was a blessing to hear the pride and thanksgiving in their 

voices as they shared about what was happening at their church.  It is amazing to 

see how God works through His people.  

Another exciting thing we are working on is a Work and Witness team from our 

district, the Gauteng District, to another nearby District, the North Central District.  

We will be going in December and will be doing some light construction, including 

working on a play ground for the neighborhood kids, as well kids outreach, 

community evangelism and working with the youth of the community.  We are very 

excited to be a part of a team of various people from different cultures and 

backgrounds coming together to encourage and uplift other brothers and sisters in 


Over the next couple of months there are several volunteers coming and going.  Each 

one will be involved in using the gifts that God blessed them with to build the 

kingdom in various ways.  There are also several work and witness teams that will 

be coming alongside various churches and ministries here on the field.   We will be 

busy but we are blessed to be doing what we are doing.  (Thankfully we are not 

team coordinators for any of the teams coming; they all are working with other 

volunteer couples in the country where they will be serving, so we will be greeting 

them at the airport but not traveling with them during the whole time they will be 


Life is Good; God is great; and we are enjoying the journey and ministries we are a 

part of.  

Until next time: When you forget about items in the office fridge for over a month, let your husband clean it out.