Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How long are you here for?

A couple of weeks ago we made several trips to the airport.  One trip was to drop off some dear friends and missionary colleagues as they headed back to the states for Home Assignment.  The other was to meet a W&W Team that will be working in Swaziland on the Southern Africa Nazarene University Theology Library.  The team had several retired missionaries and missionary kids. 

The question that we get a lot both from those visiting from the states and from the people we meet here is “how long are you here for.”  Sometimes the answer comes easily.  Sometimes it serves as a reminder of the transition that is a part of our lives here.  Other times it can be a bit frustrating, because we don’t know.  We hope we are here for a long time but at the same time we know that nothing last forever and we are committed to going wherever God leads us.   Sometimes the ever-present question mark looms bigger than others. 

In all reality if we were in our passport country we would not know how long we would be in one place either.  Transition is a natural part of life and even more so in the world we live in now.  However, in missionary life the transition is a little more in your face.  In the missionary community there is almost always someone coming and going either on Home Assignment to a new assignment or leaving their assignment for various reasons.   

Added to the mix is the transition that Joe and I are currently preparing for; the transition from a family of 2 to a family of three.  With the added third party being a little more needy for the first few months as he will be learning to live in a whole new world.  Joe and I are excited about this transition but we also know that it will mean a lot changes in our lives.  We are praying that we will handle these transitions in our lives with grace, humility, and wisdom. 

Transition is good, it reminds us that we cannot do this on our own.  Hopefully it helps to keep us focused on what is important.  It keeps us off balance; which is not always a bad thing but it can be tiring sometimes. 

In all of the transitions of life and lack of a set five-year plan (which let’s be honest I never really had anyway) God is with us.  He is walking beside us and if we will listen He is guiding us through the most important step; namely the next one. 

Until next time:  I was told in the same day that I was very small for the number of weeks pregnant and that I was very large. Later in the same week opposite information about what to expect when delivering by my doctor and in the birthing/parenting classes we are taking.  I decided that you don’t need to take all advice given with just a grain of salt you might need to take it with a whole salt shaker.  J

PS if you are reading this and wondering if we are moving; no not at all, we are happy and loving it here as we learn how we can best serve on the Africa South Field.