Thursday, May 19, 2016

Deputation Halfway In

Deputation Halfway there - 6 weeks in

We are over halfway through our Home Assignment time.  Since our last post we have spoken in an additional 22 services, traveled an additional 2,500 miles/ 4,000 kilometers, and added a lot more hours in the car.  We have added Wisconsin and Minnesota to states we have been in.  We have listened to three audiobooks; which have helped the miles pass a little quicker. 

I have woken up on several occasions in the middle of the night and not been sure where we were or what state we were in.  Peter doesn’t always go into the car seat as willingly as he used too.  But he loves all the new people he is meeting and all the new toys he gets to play with in the various nurseries he has visited. 
I won’t lie, sometimes I don’t want to get out of the van when we get to the church.  But I always do and as soon as I do I am reminded of the privilege that we have.  Joe and I get to build bridges between two worlds.  We get to share the story of what God is doing on the Africa South Field and tell them what they are a part of.   For some the only way that they will ever see and experience the other side of the bridge is through our stories.  Our hope is that our stories will help inspire people to be more involved in what God is doing across the street and around the globe. 

Numbers aren’t everything but here our Home Assignments Stats so far. 
6,000 miles 9,600 kilometers
15 states
30 services
20 different beds
Countess connections with lots of people

I promised Joe close to 3 years ago that our lives together would be an adventure and so far it has. 

Until next time:  Remember as awesome as you are, you can’t fly and when you miss a step and land on the concrete while holding your son you are reminded of that fact.  Thankfully both mom and Peter were ok.