Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Framily!!

Well we have passed the 3 month mark.  In less than three months we will board a plane and leave our friends and family (our Framily -to steal from the Sprint Commercial) and we will head to our new home where we will be greeted by the people who are and will become our South African Framily! 

We have gotten our things mostly sorted into the sale, trash, keep, or take piles.  And now we are working on pricing things for our yard sale and posting things on Craigslist.  By the way if you are in the KC area and aren’t doing anything on April 18th & 19th come on by our Yard Sale.  If you are in the area and are in need of well just about anything let us know we just might have it.  J 

We are also trying to spend as much time as possible with our Framily.  Most of our evenings are spent with friends or our church family.  Kansas City has been a wonderful home for us and our framily and the memories we have made have shaped who we are.  We have had lots of laughs and adventures together that we will not soon forget.  As we look back on the memories we have made we also look forward to memories we will make. 

Tomorrow is Joe and I’s last official day at our jobs.  Today may well have been our last walk on the Trolley Track Trail.  The next few months will be filled with last moments.  Our first few months in South Africa will be filled with lots of firsts.  But as our Pastor reminded us to today whatever we are doing we should do it with Love.  So as we try to be fully present in the closing moments of our time in Kansas City we are also trying to be prayerfully preparing for our move to South Africa.    

Until next time remember next time you go to make a purchase that someday you (or someone else) is going to have pack it, sell it, or trash it….

Monday, March 24, 2014

Deputation Schedule

One of the awesome things about being a missionary is getting the opportunity to share the story of what God is doing in our lives with others.   In the Church of the Nazarene for those on Missionary Contract this is called Home Assignment or Deputation.  It is an amazing time to be able to share how God has been faithful in our journey as well as sharing the ways we are going to join the work He is already doing on the field.  

We wanted to share our schedule with you guys so you had an idea of where we are going to be when. If you are near the area where we are going to be please let us know we would love to see you.  There are a couple of Sunday's still open so please let us know if you are interested in having us come and share.  We are also very open to sharing with churches/groups during the week as well.  If we can not make it to your area we would love to connect with you via Skype.  Please contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in hearing more of what God is doing.  

Heath's Deputation Schedule 
Sunday April 6th - OPEN 
Sunday April 13th - Currently OPEN will in the Nampa, ID area. 
Sunday April 20th - Easter Sunday At Crosspoint Community CON KCMO 
Saturday April 26th – Evening Service Webb City, MO
Sunday April 27th – AM Webb City, MO 
May 4th -  Glen Carbon, IL CON Faith Promise 
May 11th - Deputation Service at Crosspoint Community CON KCMO
May 18th - OPEN but will be in route to Orlando Florida. 
May 25th - Tentatively speaking at Centerpointe CON in Orlando FL 
June 1st - AM Speaking at Plymouth CON in Plymouth NC 
               PM Speaking at Havelock CON in Havelock, NC 
June 8th - AM Speaking at Tullahoma First CON in Tullahoma, TN 
June 9th - 13th - Missouri Teen Camp 
June 15th - Open but would prefer something on the way from MO to Pennsylvania
June 22nd – 2 AM Services at Ephrata CON in Ephrata PA 
June 26th - Fly out of Dulles to South Africa.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Plane Tickets and Packed Bags

Today we bought our plane tickets to go to South Africa!!! June 26th at 5:10pm we leave Washington, DC and 17 hours later with a brief hour stop we will arrive in Johannesburg!

We also have been very blessed that there is a Global Theology Conference going on at the end of this month in Johannesburg and there are many going from our area.  So we inquired if some would be willing to take over a bag for us and several said yes!  So we have spent the last several nights packing stuff into suitcases to send ahead.   We are so thankful for our extra baggage blessings!!

God has been providing all along the way and we know He will continue to provide as we continue to seek to serve Him whether we are here in KC or in Johannesburg.  

Soon we will post our schedule of when we will be where!  Hopefully we will be in your area and can connect with you before we go!

Until next time remember you were blessed to be a blessings to others!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Beginnings

 Life is full of changes and new beginnings. 

For Joe and I the new beginning will also be in a new continent.  We will be moving to South Africa.  We are very excited to be joining what God is already doing on the Africa South Field.  We will be serving as Missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene.  The Africa South Field includes the countries of Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, and Swaziland.   We will be joining the team there and working in the areas of Work and Witness, Partnerships, Field Finances, as well as working with Youth and possibly doing some teaching.   We will be living in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

If you would like to hear more or find out how you can be involved please visit our Convio page by going   Or send us an email at

But with new beginnings comes the ending of the chapter before.   Kansas City has been home for me close to seven years, for Joe it has been home for a year and half.  We have made friends who have become family.  We became family here.  South Africa is a half a world away from Kansas City from North Carolina, from Orlando, and from Pennsylvania.   So while we are very excited about the new we are also sad to say goodbye to our family, church families, and our friends.  No one said change was easy.  It can be exciting and good but at the same time it can be hard and emotional. 

Stay tuned here for more on the journey.   Our hope is to post on here once a week.   
Love and Prayers Joe and Beth Heath